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Snow White Meeting a fan.

These performers are genuinely kind hearted like any true royalty should be. They assisted me in helping my daughter overcome her nervousness of getting glasses by recording a personalized video of the princesses that I shared with my daughter the night before. She is so excited to wear her glasses now. Thank you so much for providing such love and care for our community. I look forward to working with your organization more 

All Hail The Beautiful Hearted!

Island Cheif meeting a fan!

Two Princesses visited my daughter during her very boring two week stay in the hospital! They were amazing- they sang, played go fish!, and are surprisingly good at play dough. Needless to say my daughter will be talking about their visit for a very long time..... Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Sleepy Princess giving hugs

What do you get when you have 9 beautiful Princesses, 1 Fairy Godmother and a 6 year old birthday girl? A day fit for a Princess! From beginning to end Katie's party was nothing short of amazing! We will be talking about this for years to come. I think my 11 year old son said it best when he said, "Mom, if Katie never has another birthday party it won't matter because this one was pretty special." We are so grateful for Brie's Best Guests for a perfect day!

Ice Queen playing with friends.

I can’t say enough about how incredible the Princesses were at our twin’s second birthday party. From epic stuffed animal toss, to climbing rock walls (though they are experts at that sort of thing...), to singing, telling stories, coloring, and even helping do Happy Birthday in royal style... today surpassed everything we could have hoped for. Even our most reserved buddies came out of their shell. It takes a very special princess to be able to play at toddler level (let alone twenty toddlers!) and we are thankful these special sisters were with us today. They are as kind as they are talented. Thank you for making today so incredible.

Princess Story Time

We had such a great time—we’ll be talking about and reenacting it for many months to come, if the last 24 hrs is any indication. Thank you for bringing your great musical talents, flexible plans, and wow, the intense trivia questions—I had no idea you would get grilled like that by 4-year-olds! Your responses were on point and so creative, ...and it makes you realize how much those kids are soaking up when they watch a movie!!

Fairy Arts and Crafts

For the second year, Brie's Best Guests volunteered their time and energy at Stuff-A-Truck (a diaper drive). Without a doubt, they were the highlight of the event and I learned after that several donors participated BECAUSE they heard the princesses would be there. The energy and love they bring to an event is unparalleled and I cannot recommend them highly enough for your next event. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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