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Our Mission

Brie's Best Guests started with a mission to spread joy, while also being inclusive and sensory-friendly to allow princes and princesses with different types of abilities to enjoy magical experiences.

Because Brie's brother lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she started volunteering with the special education community at a young age.


Her mother always had a difficult time finding ways to celebrate his birthday in a way that met his sensory and developmental needs. Working with and helping these children (and adults!) celebrate these milestones became our primary goal. 

Brie's educational and professional career has consistently revolved around making learning fun, accessible, and engaging. All of our parties have educational elements for that very reason.

Additionally, Brie's Best Guests is committed to accurate representation of character's of color, as well as disability and LGBTQ+ representation for various characters. 


We are proud to have assembled a well-rounded team of cast members with performance, educational, and therapeutic professional backgrounds. 

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