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Brie's Best Guests LLC is thrilled to be introducing Jurassic Jo's Dino's! This interactive and educational entertainment experience gives Dinosaur loving kids the opportunity to meet and learn all about our favorite Pre-Historic Pals! Jo and her Dino friends are following our parent company Brie's Best Guests' mission to provide sensory-friendly and accessible children's entertainment so that little paleontologists of all different needs and abilities can have an unforgettable experience.


Meet Our Dinosaurs:


Meet Roary, our resident Tyrannosaurus Rex! This carnivorous cutie's relatives roamed the Earth about 68 Million Years ago but he is content being carried around in the 21st century. Roary has striking orange scales, a spicy personality, and a sharp yet friendly smile, so watch your fingers when petting that big head of his!


Meet Munchkin, our cuddly triceratops. Munchkin's vegetarian relatives live on Earth about 65 million years ago, using their large horns to knock down trees to get the very best leaves on top. Don't be fooled by her pointy horns though, under her rough skin is a big heart and a gentle personality who’s ready to play!


Meet Shelly, our sweet but shy pachycephalosaurs! Known for their dome-shaped, thick, skulls, these "bone-headed" dinosaurs roamed the earth 66 million years ago. Many paleontologists believe they used their thick skulls for combat, similar to modern-day goats, but the only thing Shelly has rammed is the top of her eggshell! Her shy nature makes her want to hide in her egg. Maybe some gentle children can convince her to come out and play! 

Meet Our Crew


Jurassic Jo 


Cretaceous Caleb


Brachiosauras Brie 


Safari Sam

Party Packages:

Triassic Party ($150)

 This 30 Minute entertainment package includes a Meet and Greet and Presentation on the dinosaur of your choice! Kids will get to participate in a developmentally appropriate game time, learn all about their Dino guests, handle a real dinosaur fossil, and get the opportunity to pet and take photos with the dinosaur! 





 This 45 Minute entertainment package includes all of the perks of the Triassic package and a Fossil Hunt Craft Project where kids will get to hunt for and keep real fossils! 175$







This package includes all items listed in the above packages and also includes Dinosaur Themed Goody Bags for all guests! 

Jurrasic Party ($175)

Cretaceous Party ($175 plus an additional $3 per bag) 

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