Coming Spring 2021


Brie's Best Guests LLC is thrilled to be introducing Jurassic Jo's Dino's! This interactive and educational entertainment experience gives Dinosaur loving kids the opportunity to meet and learn all about our favorite Pre-Historic Pals! Jo and her Dino friends are following our parent company Brie's Best Guests' mission to provide sensory friendly and accessible children's entertainment  so that little paleontologists of all different needs and abilities can have a unforgettable experience.

Keep your eyes on our social media pages for when we announce the hatching of our dinosaurs! 

Brie's Best Guests LLC. It is not the intention of Brie's Best Guests to violate any copyright, trademark, or licensing laws. Our characters are generic and based upon public domain fairytales, not name-brand copyrighted characters. We only accept party bookings from customers who are aware that we do not represent any licensed characters. In the event you require a licensed copyrighted character, contact the appropriate company and/or copyright holder.

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